Friday, 3 January 2014

J.S. Walker's Letter (16 Jan 1862)

Camp Deas, near Young’s Mill,
16th Jany., 1862.

My dear Wife:

            Mr. Hardie has just come in to let me know that he starts to Richmond in the morning, and I cannot let the opportunity escape without dropping you a line, though I have just finished a communication of six pages on the reorganization of the army, which I have enclosed to Brother David to be handed to Mr. Steger, one of our representatives in the Legislature.
            There is nothing new to communicate since my last. If you see Mrs. Thompson Brown, tell her I was disappointed in getting over to see her, not being able to get a horse, and to walk was impossible. If she is not now in Richmond she will be in a few days.
            We are in statue quo [sic] and likely so to remain I think for the rest of the winter. My books will help me to pass away the long nights. I enjoy excellent health and sleep like a top in my log palace, and would be willing to live in one the rest of my life with my family around me, if I could purchase peace honourably thereby, but we must trust in the Lord, who orders all things rightly, and he will bear us through.
            Could you not send me some hominy and peas? I think Charles could cook them very well, and we have enough butter for the present. Capt. Mayo, I find, has not gone up, but will go tomorrow.
            Kiss the dear children and give love to all.

                                    Yours ever affectionately,

                                                Jno. S. Walker

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